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No response from former Vice President

In this email to Jamie McKay, who I had been nothing but friendly with, I ask why she is participating in the hate campaign against me. Despite the sincerity of my efforts, she did not respond and her reasons remain elusive.

Subject: artEAST issue
Date: April 3, 2015 3:46:24 PDT
To: Jamie McKay <jamiej>


I am writing to you because, after suffering almost two years of abuse from artEAST leadership, I am now prepared to inform the membership and the community about what has been going on and I would like to know if, by any chance, you have had a change of heart. I realize that you no longer are a board member, but you have played a role in this sordid affair.

It has been difficult for me to accept that you suddenly and without explanation switched your demeanor towards me from one of compassion and profuse apologizing for how I had been treated to a stance of contempt. As far as I am aware, I have never been anything but kind and respectful towards you, yet you have ignored me when I have reached out to you to discuss the situation and you even signed your name to a document that willfully misrepresents me.

You are surely aware that the abuse directed at me took off after you shared my private email mentioning Karen Abel’s conduct. Not once, during the almost two years it has been going on, have you or anyone else associated with artEAST wanted to know what actually happened. I have been judged, convicted, and penalized without a hearing by artEAST officials, including some who have never met me, only because I complained to you about mistreatment. Any reasonable person can see that this is wrong. It is bullying, and bullying is always wrong.

When you were at my house, we shared a vision of a friendly and supportive artist community. What could have possibly convinced you to engage in this level of cruelty; and become part of a veritable witch hunt intended to hurt me and ostracize me?

People have reasons when they refuse rational dialog and escalate conflict instead of attempting to resolve it. Typically, it is because they derive a sense of superiority and sadistic delight from inflicting suffering and humiliation on another human being (as exemplified in Megan Somerville-Loomis’ email of March 26, 2014, sent to me inadvertently: “I hate feeling left out, tee he [sic].”) Taking pleasure in another person’s misfortune is not normal.

I still don’t believe that you are this type of person, but like most of us, susceptible to the influence of this personality type. Adult bullies are often masters of persuasion, fully capable of manipulating entire groups to alienate an individual they don’t like.

However, no one has to participate. You can say no to hatred and abuse.

It is simply not possible to be neutral when you know that someone is being mistreated. In any abuse situation, bystanders who remain passive are actually enabling and supporting the abusers. You need to understand that ignoring my plea once again will be understood as an endorsement of the social aggression imposed upon me. Communication is fundamental to understanding and solving problems. If you choose stonewalling over communication, it will tell me that you still hold me in contempt, though I will not understand why.

Public exposure has now become the logical consequence to artEAST leadership’s continued unilateral authoritarian approach, abuse of power, and dishonest and underhanded maneuvers with intent to harm and evade accountability. I have connected with several organizations/agencies for support and started a web presence.

Adult bullying and toxic personalities are subjects I have studied extensively, and I disseminate information on these issues across the globe through my blogs. Listed below, you will find a selection of a few brief, accessible, and particularly relevant articles from different sources that can contribute to a more objective evaluation.

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I hope to hear from you.



Malevolent Delight

Bullies enjoy the sense of power, superiority, and sadistic pleasure they derive from abusing others. That’s why they do it. The characteristic malevolent delight is evident in this email from Megan Somerville-Loomis, previous president of the board of directors of artEAST, to Jamie McKay, and accidentally sent also to me:

Megan Somerville-Loomis

Date: March 26, 2014 at 15:28:39 PDT
Cc: Jamie McKay <jamiej@strikingart.com>
Subject: Re: Misunderstandings

Well not I got it!  I hate feeling left out, tee he

Sounding more like a gloating high school bully than the president of a reputable art organization, she says that she hates “feeling left out,” but apparently, she is delighted to belong to a gang of bullies abusing and ostracizing one individual.

Bullies are not interested in conflict resolution. My email offering to help clear misunderstandings and resolve problems, below, was rudely ignored.

On Tue, Mar 25, 2014, [Victim] wrote:

Megan and Jamie,

Almost 8 months since the decision was made to terminate my membership, and about 5 months since I found out about it, I received a letter undersigned “artEAST board of directors.” As you probably know, the letter states that other members have implicated me for feeling confused, intimidated, and even threatened, and that these reports are the reason why the board feels I should be banned from artEAST.

The explanation comes as a surprise because I have not bullied or threatened anyone and I am sure that any feelings of that nature can be attributed to misunderstandings. The best course of action when misinformation or misunderstandings are involved is to sit down and talk it over. I would be happy to participate in a respectful conversation with the affected, aimed at clearing up misperceptions. Please arrange a meeting so we can get this resolved. My schedule is fairly open this week and the next.

Looking forward to your reply,