No response to last attempt to elicit a reasonable response…


January 25, this email was sent to artEAST Trustees Steve Ahlbom, Kathy Scearce, Susan Walker, Julie Christensen Rackley, Jan Lipetz, Nancy Dunn, and Kathy Reid, and also to artist members Mitch Albala, Kate Vrijmoet. January 27, it was sent to Kathy Huckabay, artEAST Treasurer and Sammamish City Councilmember.

No reply.


I was once an active participant, volunteer, and generous donor. Despite a longstanding record of positive contributions to artEAST, a few years ago, the Executive Director singled me out for mistreatment. My concern about her behavior, sent to another board director in a personal email, resulted in the launch of a distortion campaign against me, and since that time, I have been abused, threatened, lied to, lied about, stonewalled, and ostracized from the local artist community by the artEAST leadership. This indefensible bullying has been kept under the public radar. Neither the participants nor anyone else in a position of responsibility accepts accountability. You are involved in artEAST. Were you aware that this has been going on?

Recognizing that public exposure of these activities will have serious consequences for the organization has motivated me to put considerable effort into finding alternative solutions, but after almost three years, my attempts to communicate with an unresponsive board of directors have failed to elicit any rational response.

artEAST leadership has contravened government requirements to operate as a non-profit and committed hateful actions that are outside the norm of human decency and conflict with the organization’s own rules and ethical policies.

My very last attempt to elicit a reasonable response is to reach out to you and a few others who are connected with artEAST. If you feel concern about the handling of this matter and the principle issues it entails, please contact me without delay—today. I will be happy to answer questions or provide documentation. If no artEAST representative is willing to engage in respectful dialogue, I will be left with no option than to bring the issue to the attention of the media and the public, and it shall be publicized within the next few days.

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