No response from President Bob Prowda, Refuses Letter

The power of a distortion campaign should not be underestimated. artEAST President Bob Prowda’s rejection of civil communication from someone he has never met suggests an aversion which otherwise would be difficult to explain.  As an expression of contempt, stonewalling is in breach of artEAST’s Core Values Policy and subject to disciplinary action. Unless you are the President. Or a board director. (See more about stonewalling or the silent treatment.)

againstbullying2sqI hope you are, too.

December 1, 2015       

Dear Bob,

At long last, I am reaching out to you about serious problems within artEAST. The board of directors has been advised to not communicate with me, and when I contacted Farshad Alamdari, the previous president of the board, I found him unaware, and also, unwilling to engage. 

What started with a personal dispute; an insulting remark from Karen Abel, became an institutional matter when she and her friends on the board of directors used their positions of power to retaliate against me for disapproving of how I had been treated.

I don’t know what has been said about me at board meetings because I was never allowed representation. My requests for information were mostly rejected, and the answers that were afforded me were vague and accompanied by intimidations. All I know is that I have been vilified by a distortion campaign and that several directors have participated in the process of penalizing and ostracizing me—without stating any wrong-doing on my part.

Evidently, some artEAST directors have assumed the authority to make decisions that harshly impact the life of an individual member. The directors involved did not hear my side of the story before judging me, and afterwards, I was explicitly forbidden, under threat, to speak with anyone except Mike Larson, who was largely unresponsive and unhelpful. 

Some of the directors have never met me, yet were active participants in making decisions about me. Keeping me in the dark has meant that I have been unable to defend myself and prevented from contributing to a more balanced—and truthful—account of events. It has also meant that the participating directors have evaded accountability for their decisions and actions.

Your predecessors have allowed the conflict to perpetuate, and while I recognize this is a most difficult situation, I am hoping that its challenges will not discourage you from taking responsible action. I trust you will understand the gravity of the implications for artEAST if this matter continues to be ignored, and recognize that respectful communication is a bare minimum to resolve any conflict.

If you are open to discussion and problem-solving, I would appreciate hearing from you without delay, and I shall be happy to present the case documentation and to answer any questions you may have.

Enduring over 2 years of discrimination has been more than enough. In the event I don’t hear back from you within 4 days of receiving this letter, it will be understood that the communication ban imposed upon me is permanent and that dialogue is not going to be possible. Regrettably, I shall see no other option than to report irregular practices to authorities governing non-profits and move the discussion to the public sphere, should my concerns once again be dismissed or ignored.

Through blogging activities aimed at educating visitors about the disproportionally dominant fraction of humanity that lacks the capacity for empathy, I support other abuse victims and take a stand against a bully culture that normalizes and celebrates abusive behavior. If this subject is of interest to you, please visit my most popular blog

I stand in truth and I shall not be silent.


There can be no doubt Bob Prowda got the message. Determined to get through with my invitation to respectful dialogue—before bringing facts of the matter to the attention of the public, copies of my letter were sent to his PO box address in Preston in two different envelopes. Only insignificant changes were made to the wording.

No response.


See also: The Distortion campaign and Stonewalling.


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