The Essence of Tyranny

Control of information

Why didn’t the artEAST board of directors discuss the problem with me before making the heavy handed decision to ban me from the organization? Why was I not informed that this group of people, most of whom have never met me, had made a decision that affects my life? Why was I refused an explanation, after I found out? Why did they stonewall me when I attempted to engage in rational dialog? Why was I “instructed” to communicate only with board director Mike Larson, even though he was unresponsive and abusive? Why was I told, under threat of harassment charges, that I was not permitted to speak with anyone?

Has the membership been notified about the board of directors’ policies limiting their freedom of expression?

Is this behavior acceptable from the board directors of an art organization dedicated to supporting the local arts and artists?

Tax Attorney and artEAST board member Mike Larson:

“We appreciate every opportunity to make artEAST a better organization, one that is responsive and respectful of its members.”


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