No response to inquiry: Who is the record keeper?

On Feb 5, 2015, at 1:11 PM, [Victim] wrote:


Please let me know who holds the position of record keeper for artEAST. Thank you.

Greetings, [Victim]

The President won’t say.

On Feb 5, 2015, at 1:49 , Farshad Alamdari wrote:


As I have mentioned before I am the non-executive President. As such I am not involved in day-to-day business of the artEAST. The best person for your needs and questions is really Karen.

Thank you,

| Dr. Farshad Alamdari | |
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Isn’t he paying attention? No reply.

From: [Victim]
Subject: Re: artEAST record keeper
Date: February 6, 2015 5:25:14 PST
To: Farshad Alamdari <>


Referring me to Karen Abel suggests that you did not read my earlier email in which I explained that there is a problem with her. I also wonder if you read her email of January 20 that she cc:ed to you in which she attempts to impress on you that I have been treated with “the utmost respect and courtesy,” and at the same time, threatens me and attempts to intimidate and discriminate against me.

Does Karen Abel have unlimited managerial powers? Is she not bound by artEAST’s Core Values Policy? To whom shall I report her misconduct, if not to you?

That email alone, with Karen’s manipulative approach directed at you and her blatant hostility towards me, should be enough to indicate that there are serious problems. Wouldn’t you consider this issue to be above and beyond the scope of day-to-day business?

I understand you’re busy. Before troubling you about the record keeper’s contact information, I sent emails to several artEAST officials. They were unresponsive and I  was not able to get a straight answer to a simple question. It is important for you to know that, to maintain its tax exempt status, the organization is required to make its records available upon request. Your cooperation in this matter is much appreciated.

Thank you.



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