Small Works Show

SmallWorksThis show recurred annually in November/December at the gallery. With a preference for the small format in much of my artistic creations, I had contributed regularly to this event for several years.

For the 2013 Small Works Show, which was to be the last, I had gone through the familiar process of committing my participation, signing up for a volunteer position, completing required paperwork, and bringing my artwork to the gallery on the prescribed date.

However, this time, my name had been removed from the list of participating artists. The intake volunteer proceeded to accept my submissions anyways, but just as the process was completed, Karen Abel approached and commanded the volunteer to reject my work.

I asked Karen Abel for a reason. She would not tell me, and instead said: “We have gone over this before.” That is not true. I had not even communicated with her for several months prior. She also said that I had received a letter from “the lawyer.”

The letter I had received from tax lawyer Mike Larson stated that the Small Works Show was for members only, which I knew, and that my membership had expired in June, which I had been unaware of. I informed Karen Abel that I intended to bring my membership dues up to date but this had no effect on her intent to bar me from participating in the show.

After this rude rejection, I did pay my remaining membership dues for the year. The amount was later sent back to me, noted as “your voided gallery purchase.” Still no explanation.


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