Rejecting Oppression

Nov 2013

In case Mike Larson hasn’t forwarded my latest email to you, I thought it best to inform you that I do not accept the membership ban that the board supposedly wants to impose on me. In the email, I listed 12 reasons why a ban is unacceptable. Most significant, is that no valid reason has been given for the extreme punitive measure, in fact, no reason at all. The question of the board’s authority to make a decision that greatly impacts the life of an individual member is another important consideration. Until proven otherwise, I will presume that the board’s job is to serve and promote the artist community, not to act as police, judge, or moral authority.

The membership has a right to expect fair-mindedness and respectable conduct from its representatives. I don’t think that the news about overstepping authority, abusive behaviors, stonewalling, willful negligence, intimidation tactics, and Mike Larson’s threats will be well received, but the time has come to bring these issues before the public. The board is accountable for its decisions, but it isn’t too late to turn the situation around and correct mistakes that have been made.



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